• English 12 Expectations and Grading 

    Virtual Expectations:

          1. Join with cameras ON, microphones MUTED
          2. Must be visible on camera throughout the entire class period
          3. Update computer regularly 
          4. Use "raise hand" option if you have a question
          5. Communicate - Ask questions if you need help
          6. Cell phones must be away


          1. Late work will not be accepted
          2. Check Week at a Glance on a daily basis
          3. Arrive to class on time 
          4. Come to class prepared
          5. Only laptops allowed in class
          6. No cell phones
          7. Sign in and out of class whenever leaving for the bathroom, nurse, or water fountain
          8. You may not leave the first or last 10 minutes of class
    Grading Policy
    Grades are based on Total points
    Practice/Homework: 5-10 points 
          Homework must be submitted in the proper page on OneNote
    Writing Assignments/Essays: 30-100 points
          Points dependent on length of assignment
    Quizzes: 20-50 points
    Tests: 75-100+ points