Course Synopsis

    This course takes students from the 1800’s through the Era of Imperialism, offering a more in-depth view of the modernization of America. The course examines the foundations of American democracy and traces the development of the American identity through the major political, social and industrial shifts of the 19th Century. The Honors course incorporates more depth, as well as challenging reading, writing, research, and presentation assignments.

    Philosophy and Rationale 

    The United States History I course is designed to integrate the study of the social, economic, and political problems of this time period. Among the anticipated objectives are the understanding of the growth of democratizing institutions, the development of American domestic and foreign policy and their connections to the present. Resources and materials used in this course are listed at the end of the curriculum document and will be evaluated at the end of each school year to ensure consistent application of the curriculum.


    1.  Colonization and Settlement
    2.  Expansion and Reform
    3.  Union in Peril and the Civil War
    4.  Impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction
    5.  Westward Expansion and Industrialization
    6.  Imperialism and Progressive Reform