Grading Policies

    Grades are calculated in the following way:

    Total Points: Students will earn an average based on what they have earned vs. what they could have earned.

    Example: 410/ 500 points = 82%


    *Final draft essays; Tests, Presentations, Benchmark essays; Quizzes; Practice & Progress (homework/ classwork/participation).


                                              FYI/ Important classroom rules:

        • Come to class on time!
        • This is a discussion-based class; you are expected to actively and constructively participate.
        • Late work is not accepted. Please note that as per the River Dell High School policy, all work that is missed on the day of the absence is due ON THE DAY that the student returns to class. This also pertains to tests and quizzes--students need to take assessments missed upon returning to school.
        • MY CLASSROOM IS A PHONE-FREE ZONE. Note--phones will be confiscated if I see them being used! Anyone who attempts to use a phone during an assessment will receive a "zero" on the assignment along with other consequences associated with River Dell cheating policies.
        • Students caught plagiarizing will be subject to discipline as outlined in the River Dell policy:




    Need extra help? See me at lunch, after school, or by appointment in room 922