• NOTE: The information listed below are subject to change due to virtual/hybrid learning.


    This course focuses on Euclidean geometry, studied both with and without coordinates. The course involves working with congruence, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, geometry of circles, analytic geometry in the coordinate plane, and geometric measurement and modeling. The Standards for Mathematical Practice apply throughout the Geometry course and, when connected meaningfully with the content standards, allow for students to experience mathematics as a coherent, useful and logical subject.


    Will be accessed through www.bigideasmath.com, students will be given their log in information on the first day.  Students who want a hard copy of a textbook can request one.

    The following must be brought to class every day:

    • Laptop, smart pen, and headphones.
    • 3 ring Binder (at least 1 inch) with loose leaf paper OR Notebook OR Folder [Not needed for virtual learning, but recommended]
    • Pencils, eraser, and pens. [Not needed for virtual learning, but recommended]
    • Index cards [Not needed for virtual learning, but recommended]
    • Scientific Calculators with sin/cos/tan function (see example below) are mandatory for part of the course.  Calculators will not be provided.

    Calculator Example

    • When students are utilizing Microsoft Teams, they need to have the camera ON.
    • Student failure to acknowledge random questioning can qualify as a CUT.
    • Students are encouraged to use alternate backgrounds in Microsoft Teams.
    • Behavioral standards, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, are in effect and will be enforced through coordination with administration.
    • Student grades will be reflective of demonstrated levels of cooperation, productivity and mastery.
    Students are strongly encouraged to use extra help sessions as necessary. 


    Your grade in this class will be calculated by total points using the following categories:

    • Assessments  - Assessments will be announced on the week at a glance page and announced in class.  There are generally 2-3 major assessments per marking period to serve as a culmination of a large idea or chapter or grouping of sections. Smaller assessments will occur more frequently and will generally cover one to three sections.  
    • Homework – 4 points each. Homework will be checked daily: 4 points will be given if the entire assignment is completed, 2 points if the assignment has been partially completed (including not doing one problem), and 0 points for incomplete homework.  Homework will only be accepted within the first 5 minutes of class or entering the room.  Please see rubric below.

    Homework Rubric

    • Classwork/Preparedness – Some, but not all reasons you will lose points are: no pencil, no textbook or notebook, no calculator on a day when you are asked to bring one, not taking notes, not making corrections on a quiz or test we are going over in class, or being late to class.  Please see rubric below. Virtual learning will be adjusted to include being in class on time through our virtual class link provided in teams channel, taking notes during instruction in OneNote, participating in discussing, group work, and independent work.

    Classwork Rubric

    • Grades Due – If there is at least one student who does not complete an assessment by the time grades are due for the marking period, the assessment grade will be posted for the following marking period.  Assessments will only be handed out when all students have taken it in all my classes.  Grades will be posted on genesis before I return assessments.
    • Cheating – There will be zero tolerance for students who cheat, the assignment or assessment will be given a zero and cannot be made up.


    • Absences – It is your responsibility to make up any missing assignment(s) and to be prepared when you return to class. I expect you to check School Wires when you are absent to find out the homework assigned for that night. Contact a classmate who can provide notes when you are absent. It is your responsibility to see me for extra help to review the material you missed.
      • If you are absent on the day of an assessment, the assessment will be made up the first day back, even if our class does not meet. Again, it is your responsibility to find me to make up the assessment your first day back.
    • Cuts – If your absence becomes a cut, you will receive a zero for the cut class. All points earned that day on any assignment or assessment will be a zero.
    • Only one person can leave the room at a time. [Not applicable for virtual learning]
    • You must use the sign in/out book whenever you are late or leave and return to the classroom. [Not applicable for virtual learning]
      It is important to check School Wires and your e-mail every day for up-to-date assignments and important information. I check my e-mail account on a fairly regular basis and will respond as quickly as possible.