•  Expectations for remote learning are listed below.

    Entering the meeting

    • Click the meeting link in Teams, located in the "DAILY MEETING LINK" channel.
    • Switch camera ON.
    • Switch microphone to MUTE.
    • Sit in front of a neutral background, or choose a background in Teams.

    Behavior during meeting

    • Keep microphone MUTED unless you are called on.
    • If you have a question, click the "raise hand" button or post in the chat.
    • Keep chat comments relevant to the class.
    • Be respectful of your fellow students. Language that is abusive or derogatory will not be tolerated.

    Leaving the meeting

    • Click "Leave" button to exit the meeting. Only leave the meeting when you are dismissed.


    • Leaving the meeting or turning the camera off will result in a cut.
    • Students will be spoken to individually about disruptive behavior. A continuation of the behavior will result in parent contact.
    • Inappropriate or offensive comments, images or behavior will be reported to administration.