September 4th - October 2nd

    1. Get Prepared for physical activity 
    2. T-shirt, sweatpants, leggings or shorts, and sneakers 
    3. Have computer or device where you are going to perform physical activity  
    4. Open Teams  

    Look at post for the day - it will have instructions 

    Join teams meeting 

    Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class 

    1. Camera must be turned on and microphone turned off 

    Camera must be on during class or student will receive a CUT 

    1. Students should remain on screen for entire period for full participation credit. 

    October 5th - Hybrid 

    Every student will meet once a week and twice in a virtual setting. 

    IN Person Class Days (A or B)

    students will be present and participating in physical activity with instructor. Be dressed appropriately. 

    Masks are required for class at all times. 

    On Days Students are home Virtually

    Join meeting for attendance at start of period 

     Complete workout provided or assignment by the end of the period  

    Wednesdays - Everyone is virtual  



    Virtual/Hybrid Physical Education Rubric  


    Exceptional +1 

    Satisfactory - 0 

    Needs Improvement - -1  

    Incomplete -3 

    Performance/Fitness Development 

    Gives top effort daily, models high level of participation and is self-motivated.  Student has desire to improve personal fitness, physical ability and performance in the movement opportunity. 

    Consistent daily effort, good level of participation, displays quality movement during activity, maintains personal fitness. 

    Uncooperative, bends rules to suit self, displays inappropriate frustration and anger. Needs reminders to complete and/or stay on task. Does not follow safety rules.  Unsafe choices made. 

    No submission of work or check in for attendance 


    Always on task and highly active. Positive and fair game play, follows safety rules, models self-control. Consistently follows safety rules.  

    On task and active.  

    Accepts winning and losing. Does not need reminders to complete and/or stay on task. Follows safety rules.  

    Poor effort, little or no movement during activity, poor attitude towards activity. Avoids participation or off task. 



    Evidence of workout submitted is clear and complete. Variety to student workouts is shown. 

    Evidence of workout shows good effort and may not fill entire time or part of the work.  Not showing variety of workouts. 

    Evidence not provided for daily work. Repeats same activity daily. 




    Click on link for grading: Grading Policy

    Click on link for grading rubric: PE Rubric

    Click on link for classroom expectations: PE Expectations

    Students are expected to uphold all Code of Conduct rules as adopted in the River Dell High School Student Handbook