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    This powerpoint (highlighted below) provides an overview of the scope of our course and ideas on how to succeed.

    USI course overview


    For AP United States History, please see this powerpoint.

    APUSH back to school course overview


    Here is the "Course at a Glance" from College Board AP Central (please click link to see it)

    Course at a glance

    Some of the content detailed in the "course at a glance" was covered last year with me in Honors US History I. 

    We will be making connections to that material throughout our studies and reviewing it all in April 2021 in preparation for the AP exam in May.

    Over the summer, APUSH students read and reviewed Post Civil War reconstruction and related topics from the 1850-1880s.  

    So far this fall, we have been considering Christopher Columbus and his legacy, from discovery in the 1490s to how and why so many statues of him were erected in the 1890s-1900s.  In our analysis of Columbus we are practicing the APUSH thinking skills of "periodization," "contextualization," and "continuity and change over time" as these Columbus statues have increasingly come under attack (both literally and figuratively).  Some of the statues have even been vandalized and forcibly removed by protestors this summer of 2020.  Why has Columbus become so controversial in 2020? Students are invited and guided to examine how, why and the extent to which Columbus' myth, legacy, and memory have changed over time.  Tomorrow we start looking at the Gilded Age and Age of Imperialism, where Columbus was invoked and memorialized as a hero by many.