• Academic Integrity Policy of River Dell High School

    Academic honesty and integrity are pillars of all educational communities including at River Dell High School. To create an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and growth and imbue these values in our students, the following policy is in place to guide students in developing their academic integrity.



    • Cheating is defined as violating rules dishonestly or practicing fraud or deceit. Cheating includes but is not limited to the following acts:
      • Communicating answers to homework, tests, or other assignments to other students by any means.
      • Preprogramming a calculator to contain answers or other unauthorized information during tests.
      • Colluding is collaborating with another student on a test or other assignment without the prior express approval of the teacher. This includes work not specifically designated as group work or allowing another student/s to copy one’s work and submitting it as their own, whether intended or unintended.
      • Submitting the same paper or assignment for more than one course without the express approval of both teachers.
      • Allowing others to do an assignment, paper, or other academic work, including a term paper service.
      • Using prohibited materials such as notes, charts, or otherwise concealed information during tests.
    • Plagiarize (or plagiarism) is defined as stealing and passing off the ideas and words of another as one’s own or using another’s words or product without citing the source appropriately. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
      • Buying, stealing, or borrowing a paper.
      • Hiring someone to write a paper.
      • Copying directly from another source without citing it.
      • Using a source too closely when paraphrasing.
      • Building on someone’s ideas without citation.
      • Copying or attempting to copy someone else’s homework, test, project, lab, etc. 


    1. The teacher will collect all evidence of a violation of the Academic Integrity code.
    2. The teacher will inform the student and Guidance Counselor of the violation and the consequences, (outlined below)
    3. The teacher will report any act of Academic Dishonesty to the principal or their designee.
    4. The teacher will contact the parent initially via email, then follow-up with a phone or virtual meeting to inform them of the violation and the consequences (outlined below).




    Offense or Violation

    1st Disciplinary Action

    2nd Disciplinary Action


    Any student caught plagiarizing another work, be it published or unpublished, shall receive a zero on the assignment


    Parent & Guidance contacted by the teacher

    Should the student commit another such act in the same course or in a subsequent course, the student shall not receive the assigned credits for the course in which the second such act shall have been committed and shall be placed on a non-credit status*


    Parent contacted by the principal or their designee


    Guidance contacted by the principal or their designee




    Any student caught cheating on an assessment or assignment shall receive a zero on that assessment/assignment


    Parent & Guidance contacted by the teacher


    Any student caught giving his or her work to be plagiarized by another student will receive a 60


    The student who plagiarized the work will receive a zero.  


    Parent & Guidance contacted by the teacher