Transition Planning Resources

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    NJ Department of Education Transition Regulations:
    Transition Planning Resource Guide:


    NJ Community Agencies: 

     Division of Vocational Rehabilitative Services- The  Division of Vocational Rehabilitative Services (DVRS) is a state agency whose services are typically “short- term” in nature. DVRS can provide job training, education, job placement and workshop services for adults with disabilities. Additionally, DVRS can consult with school districts about providing services -- such as job coaching -- and then can remove themselves once the training is completed. DVRS can also perform or make a referral to someone who can perform a vocational assessment.

     Division of Developmental Disabilities-The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) assures the opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to receive quality services and supports, participate meaningfully in their communities and exercise their right to make choices. 

    At age 16, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) will assess the individual for eligibility and provide transitional planning assistance. During this time, the student will receive services from both the Department of Children Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) and DDD. All direct services (residential, in-home, behavioral, family support, etc.) will continue to be provided by DCP&P until age 21. After age 21, these services will be provided by DDD. 

    In addition, DDD will offer informational sessions and educational materials on various topics including: 

    • Employment and Post-secondary education
    • Benefits/Legal/Financial Issues
    • Housing and residential supports
    • Health/Behavioral health
    • DDD Adult Services
    • Person Centered Planning
    • Transportation 

     Services for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:
    The Division of Developmental Disabilities does not provide services for children under age 21. To learn about services and supports available for New Jersey children from birth through age 21, please visit the NJ Department of Children and Families  website.
    NJ Children's System of Care:
    NJ Transit Access Link:
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires public transportation systems to offer ADA paratransit service to individuals who are unable to use local bus service as a result of their disability. As New Jersey's public transportation provider, NJ TRANSIT has specific guidelines that must be followed in providing ADA paratransit.  To request an appointment for eligibility or to clarify an accommodation with Access Link services, please contact NJ TRANSIT by calling 1-800-955-2321.