• Statement of Purpose: Teen PEP is a leadership course designed to increase knowledge, skills and abilities that promote sexual  health through peer-to-peer education and outreach.
    Teen PEP Curriculum:
    Stages of Adolescent Development
    Understanding Gender
    Female Reproductive System
    Male Reproductive System
    Abusive Relationships
    Dating Violence
    Acquaintance Rape
    Psychology of Rape
    Pregnancy Prevention/Birth Control
    Undeerstanding and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections
    HIV/AIDS Prevention
    Understanding the  Effects of Alcohol/Drugs
    Prescription Drug Abuse
    Eating Disorders
    Homophobia Reduction
    Depression and Suicide
    Survivng Freshman Year of College
    GRADING: (total number of points you earned divided by the total number of points for the marking period)
    Reaction Paper
    Current Events
    Class work
    Class participation
    Program outreaches
    1. Be on time to class.
    2. Be respectful of classmates.
    3. Be prepared for class.  Assignments must be turned in at the due date to recieve full credit.