• Course Descirption:  Environmental Chemistry investigates the relationship between chemistry and the world around us.
    Course Expectations:
    1.  Be Punctual
         You should be in your seat when the bell tings.  If you are late, for any reason, make sure you sign the late book and write
         your explanation.  This ensures that you are marked tardy in the attendance record and not absent.
    2.  Be Prepared
         Bring your laptops, Enviromental Chemistry binder and pen and pencil to class everyday.  All assignments will be collected in the first 
         minutes of class.
    3.  Be Polite
         Show respect for your classmates and your teacher.
         Laptops remain in the case until the teacher allows them to be opened.
         Laptops must beused in accordance with River Dell's Acceptable Use Policy.
    4.  Participate
         Raise your hand and be recognized to answer a question or contribute to the discussion.
         Ask questions.
    5. Follow all lab safety rules.
    1.  Homework
         Homework is assigned to enrich or review the topics discussed in class.  Homework quizzes may be given to check for
         A list of homework assignments will be found with the weekly syllabus.  Please check it when you are absent.
    2.  Lab Reports
         Lab esperiments may bedone to answer a question, model a test or process an idea.
         It is your responsibility to make up a missed lab after school.  You can not write a lab report if you did not participate in the
    3.  Projects
         You will be assigned research projects during the year.
    4.  Current Events
         You will be responsible for finding current event articles that discuss how various areas of chemistry apply to every day life.
    Textbook: Chemistry in the Community
    Areas of Study:
      Minerals and Metals
      Petroleum Production and Products
      Air and the Atmosphere
    1.  Your marking period grade will be calculated by the total number of points you earn divided by the total number of points    
          that could be earned during that period.
    School supplies
    1.  2 "    3-ringed binder  (For Environmental Chemistry Only)
    Extra Help:
    1.  I am available for extra help after school every day except Wednesday.  I am also available during lunch every day except Thursday (Freshman Peer Leadership). Email me when you will be coming for help.  This is your time to ask questions and receive one to one instruction.