• What is Student Assistance?
    Student Assistance Counseling is a process where students can meet with a professional counselor to discuss any problems they are dealing with.  Counseling is not always about getting advice.  Rather a process where you explore issues and work together to develop healthy and effective coping skills.  Together we will explore issues that may be effecting you in school and out and try to develop a strategy to help deal with the situation.
    Who can request an appointment with the student assistance counselor?
    Any student of RiverDell can request to see the student assistance counselor. Referrals  for a meeting can also be made by teachers, parents, administration or guidance.
    When can I meet with the Student Assistance Counselor?
    Meetings are arranged at a time that is mutually convienent during the school day.  Mettings can be arranged by email, stopping by my office or calling 201-599-7281. If you feel your problem is urgent, please speak with your teacher to see if the Student Assistance Counselor is available.
    What to expect?
    Students can expect that what is talked about remains confidential.  Unless what is reported presents a danger to to yourself or others or you are being abused, what you say to the counselor will remain private. 
    Issues that can be addressed include:
    substance abuse
    loss of a loved one
    anxiety and stress
    eating disorders
    issues with family or friends

    To gain more information or to refer a student please contact:
    Randie O'Neil at 201-599-7281