• Course: Algebra I Survey

    Teacher: Mrs. LoPilato

    Room: 911

    Email: pam.lopilato@riverdel.org

    Phone: 201 599 7200 ext. 600


    Student’s Supply List:

    Pencils and erasers


    Math notebook

    Folder for worksheets, quizzes and tests


    Instructional Materials:

    Algebra I, Holt 

    Algebra I Textbook, Prentice Hall Mathematics
    Algebra I All in One Student Workbook, Prentice Hall Mathematics
    Grading Policy:
    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. At times I will allow students to begin the homework in class so they have an opportunity to ask questions. Since we review homework in the beginning of each class period, it needs to be on time. Homework assignments are worth 10 points each.
    Quizzes are usually given weekly. They are based on the material we covered in class during the week. Each quiz is worth 20 points.
    Tests are given at the end of each unit of instruction. They are an assessment of retained information and usually given once a month. Tests are worth 50 points each.
    Students may retake a quiz or test during their lunch period if they are not satisfied with their grade.
    Participation in class is expected and rewarded. Each day a student has the potential of earning 10 points for competing class assignments and/or participating in the class discussion.
    Extra help is available every day at lunch time and after school, exept on Wednesdays.