• Graphing & Calculation Tools
    Desmos:  Desmos is a website that contains a calculator which allows students to graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformation, and much more - for FREE.  You can access this site at https://www.desmos.com
    Wolfram Alpha:  Wolfram Alpha is an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.  Although this site provides answers and knowledge for many subjects, it can be particularly helpful when solving math problems.  Take a tour of Wolfram Alpha to understand it's basic capabilities.  Then, go to the Wolfram Alpha main page to enter problems.  Keep in mind that this is not a teaching site, but rather a site which provides answers to questions that are entered.

    Geogebra:  Geogebra is a FREE multi-platform mathematics software that gives everyone the change to experience the extraordinary insights that math makes possible.  Once at the website, click on Download Now.  You will be able to download to many different types of devices.  River Dell math teachers are all familiar with the Geogebra software and may utilize it as a tool in class or for assignments.


    Calculator Help:  If you need help with a graphing calculator, this website contains helpful instructions for different brands and models of calculators.  Hoonuit has a series for the TI 84 calculator, with small videos for specific tasks.  YouTube has many video tutorials on the different functions of different types of graphing calculators.  HERE is a sample of those types of YouTube channels.  These videos can be very helpful when students are learning new features fo the calculator.