13th - University of Chicago, 8:51am

    17th - University of New Hampshire, 7:50am

    17th - Juniata College, 8:51am

    17th - Suffolk University, 9:52am

    17th - Adelphi University, 11:33am

    17th - Endicott College, 12:34pm

    17th - Towson University, 1:35pm

    18th - University of Connecticut, 7:50am

    18th - Salisbury University, 9:52am

    18th - Shenandoah University, 11:33am

    18th - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Univ. (MCPHS), 12:34pm

    18th - Loyola University (Maryland), 1:35pm

    19th - Stony Brook University, 7:50am

    19th - Caldwell University, 9:52am

    19th - Springfield College, 11:33am

    19th - York College, 12:34pm

    20th - Emmanuel College, 7:50am

    20th - Lincoln Tech, 8:51am

    20th - Ithaca College, 9:52am

    20th - U.S. Marine Corp., 11:33am

    20th - Marist College, 12:34pm

    20th - Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1:35pm

    23rd - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 12:34pm

    23rd - St. Bonaventure University, 1:35pm 

    24th - Lafayette College, 12:34pm

    24th - University of Maryland (Baltimore Cty), 1:45pm

    25th - Boston College, 9:15am

    26th - Bloomsburg University of PA, 11:30am



    2nd - Stevens Institute of Technology, 9:52am

    2nd - Kean University, 11:33am

    2nd - Felician University, 12:34pm

    2nd - Dartmouth College, 1:35pm

    3rd - Monmouth University, 11:33am

    3rd - U.S. Army, 12:34pm

    4th - University of Maine, 8:51am

    4th - Pepperdine University, 9:52am

    7th - Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), 9:52am

    7th - Johnson & Wales University, 1:35pm

    8th - Dominican College, 7:50am

    8th - Michigan State University, 8:51am

    8th - University of Pittsburg, 11:33am

    8th - Manhattan College, 12:34pm

    10th - NJIT, 9:52am

    10th - New York University (NYU), 1:35pm

    11th - Fairfield University, 11:33am

    14th - University of Delaware, 11:33am

    15th - Saint Joseph's University, 7:50am

    15th - Sacred Heart University, 8:51am

    15th - Binghamton University, 1:35pm

    16th - Ramapo College, 9:52am

    16th - University of Massachusetts (Amherst), 11:33am

    16th - Penn State University, 12:34pm 

    16th - Roger Williams University, 1:35pm

    17th - Utica College, 8:51am

    17th - Muhlenberg College, 11:33am 

    17th - Drexel University, 1:35pm

    22nd - Stonehill College, 1:35pm

    23rd - Lesley University, 8:51am

    23rd - Rider University, 1:35pm

    24th - Providence College, 11:33am

    25th - Wellesley College, 11:33am

    28th - University of Scranton, 8:51am

    28th - Wheaton College, 11:33am

    29th - University of the Sciences of PA, 12:34pm

    30th - Union College, 9:52am

    30th - Rutgers University, 11:33am

    30th - Iona College, 1:35pm

    31st - Chatham University, 9:52am



    1st - Montclair State University, 11:33am

    6th - University of Alabama, 9:52am

    11th - University of New Haven, 1:35pm 

    13th - Pace University, 8:51am

    13th - TCNJ, 9:52am

    13th - Rowan University, 11:33am

    25th - Seton Hall University, 1:35pm