• Forensics Field Trip

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 5/17/2018

    Forensic Science students attended a demonstration of firearms and ballistics at the River Edge PD shooting range. Students were shown how different types of ammunition and firearms make for different impacts on various surfaces. The demo is followed up with a lesson in the classroom as to the evidentiary value of the projectiles recovered at the scene, the science of reading the markings, and the weapons associated with them. Ms. Pawlowski is their teacher.

    Thank you Sgt. Joseph Starost, REPD.forensics

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  • Sing On

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 1/10/2018

    The following students have been accepted into the 2018 North Jersey School Music Association Region 1 High School Chorus:

    Edwin Israel-Bass 2, Nigel Soler-Tenor 1, Soyoung Park-Alto 1, Kate Choi-Alto 2, Kristina Gelber-Alto 2, Olivia Dunleavy-Soprano 2.

    They will participate in a series of rehearsals and will perform in a concert at Bloomfield High School on Saturday, January 27th.  Their teacher is Ms. Kathy Zintel.

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  • Debate is On A Roll

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 12/18/2017

    December 14 River Dell Varsity Tournament Results  

    On December 14th, River Dell hosted its annual tournament here at the high school. The varsity team debated against Becton, Ridgefield Park, Dumont and Dwight-Englewood (who could only make it during the afternoon due to the inclement weather conditions).  

    The day was a tough one with teams coming in late due to the snow and some delays, but our teams got up and running and took the show! The team of Kathryne McCann and Cara Kossuth totally dominated the field taking first place in the whole tournament!  

    In addition, Kathryne McCann took second place speaker for her second tournament in a row with a total of 68 speaker points while her partner, Cara Kossuth, came in first place for speaker with a whopping 72 total speaker points!  

    The River Dell Hawks for did not let the weather get to them for this tournament and came out with a very impressive showing; grabbing our first, first place finish of the year!  

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  • Chemistry and Halloween

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 10/31/2017

    Mrs. Pawlowski’s sophomore chemistry class examined dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, as it sublimated. Student are studying the phases of matter as well as how matter organizes itself into elements and compounds. The ‘smoke’ is the very cold carbon dioxide gas causing water vapor in the air to condense.

     halloween 2017

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  • Music Students Shine

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 10/27/2017

    Ms. Kathy Zintel, chorus teacher, is happy to announce the results of this year’s High School Bergen County Chorus auditions.  The following RDHS students have been accepted into this elite ensemble:


    Dominic Sy – 2nd place Tenor 2

    Hahram Kim – 3rd place Bass 2

    Changwoo Ham – 5th place Bass 2

    Nigel Soler – Tenor 1

    Tyler Soiferman – Tenor 2

    Inhyeok Hwang – Bass 1


    Please note that in addition to the hours of practicing at home, these students also participated in over four hours of group practice sessions that were held over the past two weeks.  It was in these sessions that the students learned how to develop the composure and bravery necessary to manage this a cappella vocal audition measuring their pitch, tone quality, and music literacy abilities.  They will perform with the Bergen County Chorus on January 14, 2018 at Paramus High School.  Congratulations to these talented students!!

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  • Chemistry Class Doings

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 9/26/2017


    Mrs. Pawlowski's chemistry students measuring volume of liquids and mixing contents of test tubes while using equipment properly and using safety practices in the lab.

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  • Collegiate Signing Ceremony Spring 2017

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 5/4/2017

    River Dell High School had its collegiate signing day on May 4, 2017/

    Congratulations to our senior student-athletes committed to competing in intercollegiate athletics next year.



    Standing left to right;

    Matthew Tina – St. Thomas Aquinas - Track

    Steven Yelin – Farleigh Dickinson – Baseball

    Nick Sirico – Muhlenberg – Football

    Garrett deMarrais – Stockton – Baseball


    Seated left to right;

    Ginger Pojednic – Lehigh – Track

    Grace Cepeda – Marist – Track

    Kim Lewis – TCNJ – Track

    Miku Okada – NJIT – Track

    Lauren Brown – Cortland - Softball

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  • All State Chorus Honorees

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 5/3/2017

    Congratulations to the following River Dell High School students who have been accepted into the New Jersey Music Educators' Association All State Chorus Ensembles for the 2017-18 school year:

    Mixed Chorus-Kristin Gelber and Caroline Mui (both alto 2)

    Women's Chorus-Soyoung Park (alto 1)

    These students will be performing in Atlantic City and the NJPAC in November and January.  Ms. Kathy Zintel is their teacher.


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  • JV Debate Wins

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 4/7/2017

    Yesterday the top two River Dell teams competed in the JV Bergen County Debate League’s Tournament of Champions. Thirteen schools competed in two rounds of debate. Amy Xiao and Emily Hsiao went 2-0 and competed in the final showcase round, debating in front of all participating debaters, judges, and coaches. They lost to a very strong Bergen Academy team and took home a second place trophy for the tournament. We are so proud of Amy and Emily and all the JV debaters and judges.




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  • The Choir Rocks Roxbury

    Posted by Lorraine Brooks on 3/27/2017

    Congratulations to  the River Dell High School Select Choir for their outstanding performances on Saturday at the 27th Annual Roxbury Concert, Show, and Jazz Choir Invitational.  The invitational was held at Roxbury High School where 25 elite choirs from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware came together to perform for adjudication.  In addition to our Concert Choir performance four of our Select Choir students (Jordan Auriemma, Mark Edelstein, Shannon Lombardi,  and Sophia Lukac) were entered into the Solo Division Competition where they sang individually for adjudication and received feedback from the judges in front of a live audience.  All four soloists were praised for their exceptional performances representing River Dell’s tradition of excellence.

    In the Solo Division Competition two students were selected for classical and two were selected for show/pop/jazz performances.  I am proud to announce that Jordan Auriemma was one of the two students selected in the show/pop category.  She performed her solo at the evening Showcase event for all of the participating choirs and was awarded first runner up!   There were also special achievement awards presented to individual students for their excellent performances.  Shannon Lombardi  received an achievement award for her fine solo performance in the show /pop category for the Solo Division!

    The Select Choir not only received a Gold Rating for their performance but they were selected as one of the top three concert choirs to perform in the adjudicated Evening Showcase.  I cannot say enough about their evening performance which did not take place until close to 10:00 at night!  They were extraordinary! The Select Choir placed second overall in the Concert Choir category!!!   Needless to say I am overwhelmed with pride and emotion.  Just goes to show you what kids can do when they really want something!!!

    This was a tremendous day/evening and I could not be more proud of our River Dell students for their professionalism, respect, and excellent performing!!!  Here is a You Tube link to their daytime (first) performance on Saturday at Roxbury. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7-g5RkOxeKGv9ewqJa6_sfTglPLuBjNC

    Audio recordings of both performances and the adjudicators’ comments are available on Ms. Kathy Zintel'sarrival trophies School Wires page. https://www.riverdell.org/Page/10328



    home seniors performance1 performance2  https://www.riverdell.org/Page/10328









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