• Homework Expectations

    Homework is posted on the board during every period for the students to write down as soon as they enter the classroom. The homework is also posted here, but I suggest you always write down the homework first thing. As long as you write down the homework first thing, you can be sure you'll have it done for the due date.

    Homework is usually graded out of 5 points (unless otherwise specified) and is due on the date specified. Homework handed in one day late (unless absent the day before) or incomplete will lose half of the alloted points.

    ALL homework will be counted towards the final grade!


    Grades are calculated using a “total point” system.  Daily homework is checked using a 5 or 10 point scale.  Labs and activities are worth 10-30 points. Tests are generally 30-50 points while quizzes are usually 15-25 points.  By the end of the marking period, the total points possible are approximately 100-150 points.  Late homework receives half-credit.




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    Mathematically, this setup has a few implications.  First, it means that if a student is putting forth good effort (completing homework and class work), regardless of test scores, s/he can achieve a passing grade in this class.  Second, it means that each 5 point homework assignment is worth about 1 - 3% points.