Course Description: PHYSICAL EDUCATION

    Grade 12  

    Physical fitness, wellness, and safety express the goals of this discipline. 
    Students in grades 9-12 participate in co-educational curriculum in Physical 
    Education and Health. 
    In the Physical Education curriculum, students participate in activities which 
    1. Opportunities and challenges for students to gain and to maintain the 
    knowledge and procedural techniques for physical fitness conditioning; 
    2. a variety of team and individual sports to give students a wide basis for 
    choosing lifetime recreational pursuits; 
    3. experience to enhance such social growth and developmental skills as 
    loyalty, decision-making, camaraderie, cooperation, and a sense of 
    4. a means of achievement, accomplishment, and success; 
    5. the programs meet and exceed state mandates. 
    6. Adventure Games incorporates activities that increase self-esteem and 
    self-confidence, enhances problem-solving skills, and develops skills 
    necessary for working within a group. 
    The Physical Education curriculum progresses from larger motor activities 
    through team play to an emphasis on the development of lifetime sports. 
    The Physical Education/Health program emphasizes physical fitness, 
    lifetime skills, sportsmanship and team work. Knowledge of body systems, 
    building positive self-esteem, and the development of lifelong health and 
    safety habits are stressed and integrated with other curriculum areas and 
    special events. The overall goal is to offer challenging and varied programs 
    that are responsive to the community and to the student’s needs. 
    Grading & Expectations:



    • No Eating or Drinking in the Gym. No chewing gum in class.
    • Students must arrive to class prepared and on time.
    • Locker room door will be locked at the time of the bell.
    • No sitting on the top of the closed bleachers
    • Be respectful to staff and students with in the class.

     DRESS   - students must change their clothes every day

    • Required Dress – wear athletic shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts ,sweatshirts
    • Athletic footwear is required. (No boots, flip-flops or backless sneakers)
    • Bring warm clothes when weather gets colder.
    • Shirt tops must have sleeve and refrain from showing the stomach.


    • Submit note from guardian or doctor to school nurse and report to Mrs. Lauterback.
    • Students are required to stay with the class, wherever they meet.
    • Articles can be found on PE Web page – MEDICALLY EXCUSED ASSIGNMENTS
    • Long Term Medical Excuses – Once you have received an assignment from Mrs. Lauterback, students are required to report EVERY DAY to Ms. Ioele and sign in at the attendance office and then to the library, sign in and remain in library.


    • The Physical Education staff cannot be responsible for lost items.
    • Bring your own lock!

     Grading Procedures for Physical Education

     PARTICIPATION -included in participation:

       Effort during class, Sportsmanship, Demonstration of skill development, and knowledge of the activity.

    WARM UPS–students must be on time to class which means in the locker room by the bell and participate properly in the active warm-up.  Lateness results in participation credit loss. 

    UNPREPARED – Results in loss of credit. Student should arrive to class with proper gym attire to participate in a variety of activities which include (athletic shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt and sneakers) No jewelry should be worn. If a student does not dress 4 times he/she will not pass for the marking period.  Senior Students can make-up UNPREPARED by attending two classes.


    ATTENDANCE– Our subject is based on participation, Students’ attendance plays a major role in the grade they will receive.  Students must attend and participate in 80% of the class sessions to receive a passing grade. Any class beyond the 80% the student will lose credit. (after 7th absence per MP). Students have the option to make up class for credit.

                    CUTTING CLASS – results in loss of credit for the day and CANNOT be made up.

                            Three cuts will result in loss of credit for the course


    Class Times: There is 5 minutes of passing time and 5 min to change.  Please be in the locker room at the bell and ready to line up 5 min after the bell.








    First offence - please report to woman's PE office on the same day or speak to teacher after class to set up a good time.

    Second offence-  please report to woman's PE office on the same day or speak to teacher after class to set up a good time. Email to parents will follow.

    Third offence - administration notified



    ABS - Absent       EC– Extra Credit        EP – Exceptional Participation + 1

    INC - Incomplete    INAB - Incomplete absent 

    SP –Satisfactory Participation    NI –Needs Improvement -1-3

    PP – PoorParticipation - 4-5  USP –Unsatisfactory Participation -6-7

    UPP –Unprepared – 10    CUT – CUT class- 10

    WUP – Warmup poor performance -2  UWUP –Unsatisfactory Warm up -3

    LWU - Late /Warm Up - 1    EA - Excessive Absence - 10

    When ABSENT, all work can be made up by attending another class. 






    Needs Improvement



    (- 4-5)


    (- 6-7)

    Team Skills

    Models exemplary sports like behavior and positive attitude, accepts winning and losing respectfully, shows respect of opponent.

    Consistently follows rules, good attitude, displays cooperation, works hard for self and others.

    Inconsistently follows  rules, plays well when on winning team or when being observed by teacher. 

    Uncooperative, bends rules to suit self, displays inappropriate frustration and anger towards others, celebrates mistakes of others.

    Physical or verbal abuse to others, doesn't follow rules, complains about task, concern only for self.


    Gives top effort daily, models a high level of participation, self-motivated, committed to improving personal fitness.

    Consistent daily effort, good level of participation, displays quality movement during game play, stays on task, maintains personal fitness.

    Needs some reminders to participate, puts forth minimum effort, contributes little to team play, does not work hard enough to improve personal fitness.

    Poor effort, little or no movement during activity, numerous excuses for inactivity, socializing interferes with participation.

    Avoids participation, excessive socialization, off task, interferes with others' learning, displays a poor attitude towards activity.

    Game Concepts

    Excellent knowledge of safety and game rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies.

    Good knowledge of safety and game rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies.

    Fair knowledge of safety and game rules, boundaries, scoring, games, concepts, and strategies.

    Poor knowledge of rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies.

    Insufficient knowledge of rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies with no attempt to learn them.


    Leads classmates by example. Respectful of all classmates and staff, helps others when needed, positive and fair game play, follows safety rules, treats equipment with care, models self-control.

    Respectful of all classmates and staff, follows directions, active listener, follows safety rules, treats equipment with care, stays on task during activity.

    Needs some reminders top: listen and follow directions, to follow safety rules, to use equipment appropriately, and to stay on task during activity.

    Needs constant reminders to stay on task and follow directions, talks during directions, ignores safety rules, argues with others during activity, negative comments directed towards others.

    Interrupts teacher when talking, asks inappropriate questions, abuses equipment, disrespects safety rules, disrespects others, a danger to self and others in class, refuses to stay on task.