• Ms. Bini's dog 

     Did you do your "gnome"work? 

       Contact information: Feel free to contact me through e-mail at bernadette.dossantos@riverdell.org or via phone at 201.599.7200 ext. 2208 
    Extra Help
      Extra help is available daily after school.  If an exception needs to be made, I'll inform you in class.  
    Grading Policy:  Homework is 25% of your grade.  Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, essays):  are worth 75%. 
    All work is expected to be turned in on time, neat, and given your best effort.









    REQUIRED Supplies

    1. SECTION of binder
    2. Loose leaf in binder
    3. Pens (blue or black & Red)
    4. White out
    5. Folder for Social Studies ONLY


    Homework pad

    Colored pencils


    How to use this page:  The expectation is that you copy homework and get the materials you need in class and during the school day.  If you have ANY doubt as to an assignment or are absent, check this page or check with a friend.  Since you are given the required materials to do homework as part of the class, "It wasn't on-line" is not an acceptable excuse for not completing work assigned in class. If you don't have work done, you are choosing not to do the work. 
    There are no excuses, only solutions.