• Grading Procedures for Physical Education 

    Daily Progress Rubric 

    Each student's participation grade begins with an 80 average. You will see this as "Part Start." Students will be monitored in the 31-33 classes per marking period and their daily participation will contribute to their grade.  Students that achieve the “exceeds” level in 1 of the 4 topics of the Physical Education rubric will raise their grade. However, disruptive behaviors in class as well as being off-task can lower the grade.  We ask the students to come prepared, be responsible for their own activity, and remain respectful to staff and classmates.  Work is cumulative, and students are encouraged to be prepared for class and to put forth an active and positive effort everyday in class. 



    Absent students will not earn credit for the day. There are many opportunities to earn credit.  Students are required to bring in a note to Ms. Ioele with in 24 hours of an absence.   

    Cuts, are issued by the administration, and cannot be made up.   

    Absent students will not earn credit for the day. There are many opportunities to earn credit.   

    Excessive Absences are considered all absences with-in a marking period.  Students will lose credit after the 5th absence per marking period pending medical/administration approval. 

    Please see student agenda for complete school attendance policies for students:  https://www.riverdell.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=11846&dataid=15912&FileName=2017-18Agenda.pdf 


    There is 5 minutes of passing time and 5 min to change.  Please be in the locker room at the bell and ready to line up 5 min after the bell. 








    1st offence – detention with teacher the same day after school (daily progress could be affected) 

    2nd offence – parent notification and detention with teacher 

    3rd offence – referral to administrator   

    Preset Points/Grade explanations 

    Parents/Students will see the following in genesis daily.  

    Satisfactory – 0 – student meets class expectations 

    On task – 0  

    Exceeds +1 Student is exemplary according to the rubric criteria    

    Medically Exempt Day - 0 

    Disruptive –1  

    Disruptive –2 

    Disruptive –3                                                                

    Unprepared –5  

    Excessive Absence –5 (deductions will start on the 5th absence per Marking period pending medical/administration approval) 

    Late – detention (daily progress could be affected) 

    Late -1 

    Cut – 5 




    • No Cell Phones will be allowed in class. 
    • No Eating or Drinking in the Gym. No chewing gum in class. 
    • Students must arrive to class prepared and on time. 
    • Locker room door will be locked at the time of the bell. 
    • No sitting on the top of the closed bleachers 
    • Be respectful to staff and students with in the class. 


    • Required Dress – athletic shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts.  
    • Athletic footwear is required. (No boots, flip-flops or backless sneakers) 
    • Bring warm clothes when weather gets colder. 
    • Shirt tops must have sleeve and refrain from showing the stomach. 


    • The Physical Education staff cannot be responsible for lost items. 
    • Bring your own lock! 


    • Submit written excuse from guardian or doctor to school nurse and report to teacher at beginning of class. 
    • After reporting to teacher, students will be required to go to the Media Center and sign in.   
    • Articles can be found on PE Web page – MEDICALLY EXCUSED ASSIGNMENTS 
    • Long Term Medical Excuses – Sign in EVERY DAY with Ms. Ioele in the attendance office and then report to the library, sign in, and remain in library.