• Physical fitness, wellness, and safety express the goals of this discipline.  Students in grades 7 and 8 participate in a co-educational curriculum in physical education and health.

     Physical Education 7 & 8

     In the physical education curriculum, students participate in activities which provide:
    1.  opportunities and challenges for students to gain and to maintain the knowledge and procedural techniques for physical fitness conditioning;
    2.  a variety of team and individual sports to give students a wide basis for choosing lifetime recreational pursuits;
    3.  experience to enhance such social growth and developmental skills as loyalty, decision-making, camaraderie, cooperation, and a sense of sportsmanship;
    4.  a means of achievement, accomplishment and success;
    5.  programs that meet and exceed state mandates.


    The physical education curriculum progresses from larger motor activities through team play to an emphasis on the development of lifetime sports.  The Physical Education/Health program emphasizes physical fitness, lifetime skills, sportsmanship and teamwork.  Knowledge of body systems, building positive self-esteem and the development of lifelong health and safety habits are stressed and integrated with other curriculum areas and special events.  The overall goal is to offer a challenging and varied program that is responsive to community and student's needs.


    GRADING – every student starts with 100 as their grade.
    A) Unprepared / No Dress = - 8 points
    B) Lack of Participation = - 1.5 to 3 points
    C) Warm-ups = - 1-2 points
    Point deductions will come off their total grade for the Marking Period.

    * IF a student isn’t prepared with the proper attire for physical education, they will lose (8) points off their grade.
    *Inappropriate attire (revealing attire, short-shorts and shirts w/o sleeves) will be considered unprepared for class.

    DRESS - students must change their clothes everyday.
    A) Required Dress – wear athletic shorts (no buttons and/or zippers), sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts (no tank tops).
    B) Athletic footwear is required. (No boots, flip-flops or backless sneakers)
    C) Bring warm clothes when weather gets colder.
    D) Students can refer to their agenda book to see what clothing is not appropriate.

    JEWELRY – is not permitted to be worn in physical education classes.

    LOCK ALL POSSESSIONS IN A LOCKER – remove locks at the end of the PE period and keep PE clothes in your hall locker. Locks will be cut off at the end of the day.

    A) Go see the nurse before school for a medical excuse, then report to your PE teacher to receive an assignment for the class period. The assignment must be handed in by the end of the class period
    B) Long Term Medical Excuses – students must give the medical excuse to the nurse. Student still must report to your PE teacher daily, a long-term assignment will be given.

    Cold/Wet weather

    Please be advised that all Physical Education classes will be going OUTSIDE as weather permits. Please make sure you have appropriate clothing for the cold or damp weather first thing in the morning.