• All students begin each marking period of Physical Education with a 100%. As per the grading policy, students are graded for Preparation, Participation and Warm-Ups.



    Needs Improvement

    (-1 to -3)


    (-3 to -8)

    Team Skills

    Consistently follows rules, respectful, good attitude, displays cooperation, works hard for self and others. Models good sportsmanship, win or lose.

    Inconsistently follows rules, plays well when on winning team or when being observed by teacher.

    Uncooperative, bends rules to suit self, displays inappropriate behavior, anger or physical/verbal abuse towards others, celebrates mistakes of others.


    Consistent daily effort, good level of participation, displays quality movement during game play, stays on task, strives to maintain personal fitness.

    Needs some reminders to participate, puts forth minimum effort, contributes little to team play, does not work hard enough to improve personal fitness.

    Poor effort, little or no participation during activity, numerous excuses for inactivity, socializing interferes with participation, displays a poor attitude towards activity.

    Game Concepts

    Displays good knowledge of safety and game rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies.

    Fair knowledge of safety and game rules, boundaries, scoring, games, concepts, and strategies.

    Insufficient or poor knowledge of rules, boundaries, scoring, game, concepts, and strategies and/or no attempt to learn them.


    Respectful of all classmates and staff, helps others when needed, follows directions, active listener, follows safety rules, treats equipment with care, stays on task models self-control. during activity.

    Needs some reminders top: listen and follow directions, to follow safety rules, to use equipment appropriately, and to stay on task during activity.

    Needs constant reminders to stay on task and follow directions, talks during directions, ignores safety rules, argues with others during activity, negative comments directed towards others, refuses to stay on task.