• 7th Grade United States History and Civics: Course Description

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    The program will integrate the study of the social, economic, and political problems of the early United States by starting with the framework of the American Revolution through the lead up to the Civil War. The course will concentrate on how citizens have interacted with the government of the United States throughout history. Students will also examine closely the foundational documents of our country and the study of principles of civics as they apply to the individual rights of workers and voters, and the civil rights of African Americans, women and other communities. Students will be encouraged to determine their role as a citizen in their community, country and world.



     IEP Accommodations and Modifications 

    The following list are common IEP accommodations and modifications provided (but not limited to):

    • Co-teaching with the incorporation of Differentiated Instruction.
    • Redirection.
    • Refocusing.
    • Individual assistance.
    • Study reviews/study guides.
    • Preferred seating/proximity control.
    • Audio assistance/reading directions out loud.
    • Repeat and clarify directions/questions.
    • Breakdown task into manageable units.
    • Assist students in setting short-terms goals.
    • Assist with organization/materials.