Successful students ask for extra help! 
    Do You Require Extra Help?
    Extra help is an excellent idea if you were absent, or a project/assessment deadline is approaching.  You might be confused, or you simply might be looking for feedback.  Plan ahead, just in case more than a single meeting is necessary.  If you can't make it in person, email me several days in advance with your progress and/or questions. 
    When is Extra Help Appropriate? 
     Extra help is not appropriate the day before or the day of a project or assessment deadline. It is also not appropriate to come to extra help unprepared (i.e., without having reviewed the material and made an attempt to get started on your own). 


    Availability & Location
    I am available at lunch as well as after school by appointment, in an agreed upon location, with the exception of Wednesday afternoons.  Confirming a time beforehand will ensure that I am adequately prepared and available.