• Honors Algebra
    Honors Algebra 1 is designed for the exceptional math student who has demonstrated consistent success and an innate ability in mathematics. This course combines two math classes within one school year. All content/skills from Math 8 and from high school Algebra 1 are taught at an honors level expectation within this course. The course is very rigorous and application problems are complex. Students will learn to simplify expressions involving exponents, radicals, and scientific notation. They will solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable; and use these solving skills to solve real-world problems. They will learn different methods to solve a system of two linear equations; and solve real-world problems using these methods. They will also learn how to define, evaluate, and compare algebraic functions. Geometry content will include three major areas: performing transformations of figures, finding surface area & volume of solids, and identifying & using the Pythagorean Theorem. Students will study quadratic functions in multiple ways, both solving and graphing quadratic equations. Quadratic models will be used to solve real-world applications. Finally, students will examine exponential relationships and functions.