Music Studio 7-Rotation at a Glance

    Cycles beginning 5/18 & 5/24
     Day 1 (5/18 & 5/24)
    "AXEL F" SONG ANALYSIS- Students will write in note names as necessary and practice the song on piano using mixcraft.
     Day 2(5/21 & 5/25)
    "AXEL F" SONG PRACTICE- Students will prepare for performance evaluation of the melody.
     Day 3(5/22 & 5/29)
     "AXEL F" SONG PERFORMANCE- Students will perform the melody independently for assessment

    Day 4(5/23 & 5/30)

    "AXEL F" RECORDING PROJECT- Students will review the recording assignment.
    Demonstrate the basic concepts of meter, rhythm, tonality, intervals, chords, and melodic and harmonic progressions, and differentiate basic structures.