• Welcome to English 8!
    Course Description 

    English 8 presents students with the opportunities and tools to step into alternate perspectives through literature. They will interact with different kinds of text, including fiction and non-fiction, short and long stories, poetry, primary and secondary sources, myths and memoirs. Across all text, video and audio they encounter, students will be seeking and discovering how the characters and the stories say something not only about the environment in which the story takes place, but also about the authenticity of the author’s words. As they read they will also identify and justify the craft an author uses to highlight and exaggerate moments or details that will lead the reader toward the point of the work. Students will engage in literary comparison, write an argumentative essay, and a narrative alternate ending, develop journalistic reporting talents, and create a factual timeline all while gaining sophistication in linguistic structure as they write.


    Units for this year include:

    • Realistic Fiction: That was Then, This is Now   
    • Suspense (short stories and works from Edgar Allan Poe)
    • Nonfiction and Fiction Accounts: Flesh and Blood So Cheap, Ashes of Roses
    • Historical Fiction (book club)
    • Memoir: Night 
    • Mythology

    Students will also be reading a variety of short stories, nonfiction articles, and independent choice novels.