• Eighth Grade Science
    Mrs. Whittaker
    Class Expectations/Grading
    Welcome back to school! I hope that your summer was relaxing and that you are ready to jump into science. In order to have the best possible atmosphere for learning, I ask that we all follow some simple classroom rules.
    • Every day - Treat everyone with respect. This includes showing respect for yourself, your classmates, and your teachers.
    • Beginning of class - Arrive on time and be seated in your assigned seats when the bell rings. You are expected to come to class with all necessary materials and assignments. Each lesson will be introduced at the beginning of class with an Activity List where all assignments along with their due dates will be listed. Students are expected to work on these assignments during class. Whatever is not completed in class will be expected to be finished for homework by the due date given. A reminder of all assignments and due dates will be posted and reviewed daily at the beginning of each class. A copy of the activity list and due dates with all assignment pages for the lesson will be posted in your One Note notebook. Dates for upcoming tests and quizzes will also be posted and reviewed at the beginning of class. Students will be expected to copy these dates down to properly prepare for these assessments. All this information will also be found on the Week-At-A-Glance posted under the Science 8 tab on my website. 
    • During class - Remain seated and pay attention. Raise your hand when you need to ask or answer a question - do not shout out. Please refrain from raising your hand to ask a question until I am done speaking about a particular topic.You may miss some important information or the answer to your question. During labs or other activities please read through all directions and procedures first and listen carefully to all instructions to ensure understanding. If you still have any questions please ask before proceeding. Follow along and pace yourself so that you can complete your assignments. Remember to clean up after yourself and follow all safety guidelines (including no eating or gum chewing in a lab environment). Lastly, please raise your hand and ask when you need to leave the room. 
    • End of class - Wait until we are done and you are told to pack up. Please make sure to push in your chairs and dispose of all garbage. Stay in your seats until the bell rings, do not line up at the door. You may leave class ONLY when the bell rings.

    Thank you for your cooperation. This will make learning easier for everyone.

    Grading Policy
    Tests 35%
    Quizzes 25%
    Labs 20%
    Homework/Activities 20%
    Homework Policy
    Homework is posted at the beginning of each class as well as on my website. All homework is given a maximum grade of 100 points and is due on the specified date. Homework that is handed in one day late (unless there was an excused absence) or incomplete, will lose half of the total points and receive 50 points. Any homework handed in after that will receive a zero (unless there was an excused absence). As per school policy, students will be given one day to make up work for each day they are absent. Students are expected to see me after an absence to review any questions they may have about their homework and to schedule make ups for tests, quizzes, and labs.
    Dates for tests, quizzes, and all other assignments will be posted in class as well as on my website.
    Honesty Policy 
    It is expected that students be honest in all of their schoolwork including tests, quizzes, and labs. Any student cheating on a test or quiz will receive a grade of zero and their parents will be notified. Any students submitting work which is not entirely their own, will be required to redo the assignment and it will be reflected in their final grade.