• Guidance Programs


    Here are some of the innovative programs offered through the RDMS Counseling Department during the 2016-2017 school year: 

    - RDMS 101 - Student Orientation (August)

    - New student breakfast (September)
    - Mozart to Monet with 7th grade Art students (September/October)

    - Anti-Bullying Slogan Contest (October) 
    - "Class of 2022" Show of Hands Banner (October)
    - Bergen County Prosecutor's Office presentation on Internet Safety (October) 
    - 7th grade Introduction to Naviance and Learning Styles (October/November) 

    - 8th grade Career Lesson and Career Key Assessment using Naviance (October/November)

    - 6th grade Parent Orientation (February)

    - Scheduling students for 2017-2018 school year (February)

    - Ambassadors visit elementary school students (March)

    - "High School 101" - 8th grade informational session (May)

    - "The Web" - movie and discussion (June)

    - 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony


    RDMS 101 

    In August, the Guidance Department met with over 200 7th graders at RDMS to help them take the guess work out of their first few days of Middle School. Students learned about navigating their schedule, clubs, activities, sports, School Wires, Genesis and more! Students also toured the building to find their classrooms and practiced opening up their lockers. 


    Animals, Art and Acceptance with 7th grade Art students
    The Oradell Kids Foundation is proud to bring us this arts enrichment program that incorporates the love of animals with educating children on life lessons such as tolerance, differences and acceptance.  All 7th graders who take Art of the 20th Centry will be given the opportunity to experience humanity and compassion by seeing, touching and hugging Sydney, a 3 legged rescue dog, who proves that she can do anything that other dogs can do.  The goal is that the love and empathy the children show for Sydney will carry over when they meet classmates who might have a physical or leaning disability. Mrs Miller will then continue to enhance the program by having each student complete a personalized art project based on their experiences of Sydney.  


    "Class of 2022" Show of Hands Banner

    Through a sponsorship of our PTO, on Thursday, October 6th RDMS will come together to create the Show of Hands banner! This is a tribute to the diverse population of the current 7th grade class and is a statement of unity and tolerance. Our “Show of Hands” banner honors every individual’s ethnicity and heritage. All 7th graders will make an impression of their hand in paint, with the help of our 8th grade Ambassadors, and then write the names of the countries of their ancestors next to the handprint. Look for our current banners hanging on the wall across from the gymnasium! 

    7th Grade Introduction to Naviance

    During the fall, the Guidance Department introduces Naviance, a computer-based program that provides tools (such as surveys, inventories & assessments) to help students create individual learning plans to our 7th Grade Students. Students familiarized themselves with the program in middle school and continue its use throughout high school in order to plan coursework, apply to colleges, write resumes, set goals and explore careers.

    8th Grade Career Lesson and Career Key Assessment

    Also in the Fall, the Guidance Department continues to work with 8th  Grade students on Naviance. Students engaged in the process of career awareness, exploration, and preparation through the features of Naviance. Students completed the Career Key Assessment to identify his/her Career Personality Type and use this information to explore various career paths.


    Ambassadors Visit Kindergarten Students
    8th grade Ambassadors will embark on our 2nd annual field trip to one of the local elementary schools. The Ambassadors will facilitate various activities and crafts with Kindergarten studets surrounding the theme of friendship. Projects will include reading books about friendship, chosen by the Ambassadors, and then pairing into small groups to make “friendship flowers”. 


    High School 101

    Teen PEP students from River Dell High School visit RDMS to speak with our eighth graders about their upcoming high school journey. This discussion will take place in students’ classrooms during the school day. Each classroom will be assigned two Teen PEP students who will cover a variety of topics relevant to entering Freshmen such as: main differences between middle school and high school, the importance of getting involved in school, what colleges will look for, athletic eligibility, extracurricular clubs and activities, laptops, the rotating schedule, how to seek help, refusal skills, bullying, lunch time rules, peer pressure, etc.  This popular program has been brought to RDMS for years, thanks to Maureen Kiel and her Teen PEP students!


    The Web

    The Web, written and produced by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, is a film about the dangers of on-line sexual predators, stalking and the risks involved with the Internet. It was designed to show how easily a sex predator can gain information about anyone by using search engines and personal online profiles. Eighth grade students will be watching  and discuss “The Web” in their Physical Education classes.  The River Dell Middle School counseling staff along with the River Edge Police Department will be facilitating these discussion groups. If students wish to talk further about the movie after the class discussions are completed, our counselors will be available throughout the day.  The movie incorporates some sensitive issues regarding online stalking and victimization that will be discussed in these group dialogues. If you prefer that your child refrain from watching the movie, please let us know ahead of time by emailing or calling us.