Bullying Prevention - Tips and Resources
    Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying...we are hearing these terms more frequently lately. Not because these incidents are on the rise; simply because we are raising awareness. With awareness comes prevention.  Below are some tips and resources. You may also refer to the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying section of the RDMS site for further information on our policy.  Click here to view that page on our site.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Bullying?
    Questions and Answers regarding River Dell's Anti-Bullying Policy.
    An overview of Cyberbullying and tips for prevention.
    A brochure from OnGuardOnline discussing the importance of staying safe in a virtual world.
    For further information, check out the following websites:
    Bullying Awareness and Prevention.
    Internet Safety for Our Children. 
    This website, sponsored by the National Bullying Prevention Center, provides resources to identify and respond to bullying.
    Tips for smart socializing on the internet and through text messaging.
    A National Anti-Bullying and Cyberbullying Program for kids and teens.