• Ambassadors

    Who Are the Ambassadors?


    Each year, the Guidance counselors advise the 8th Grade Ambassador group. Ambassdors and are recommended by teachers at the end of their 7th grade school year. Nominations are based on their abilities to act as leaders, as well as strong role-models for their peers. Students need to be motiviated, outgoing and high-achieving, since they are pulled from class periodically throughout the school year. 

    The goal of the Ambassadors is to provide a positive experience for incoming new students, to assist school counselors in mentoring students, to represent River Dell Middle School to the community, and to help sponsor annual charity fundraisers. Ambassadors are highly driven, friendly, and maintain the highest standards of character.

    Our Ambassadors kick off the busy start to each school year by assisting the staff at Back to School night, where they greet parents at the doors of River Dell Middle School and point them in the right directions to classrooms. Ambassadors are traditionally paired with students who are brand new to the district first thing in September, and then host a New Student Breakfast to welcome them into our school. As the year progresses, Ambassadors are a huge help at events such as 7th grade fall Field Day, the annual Show of Hands Banner (sponsored by the PTO), school concerts, community events, and fundraising efforts.  We are always planning events throughout the year within RDMS and our community and look forward to another successful year ahead with a new group of Ambassadors! 

    *Update for 2020-2021 School Year: The Ambassador Program is on hold until further notice!