Helpful Tips for Parents & Students

    River Dell Counselors encourage parents to be active participants in their child's education. It is important that parents review and monitor their child's agenda book and homework each night, check teachers' websites (School Wires and OneNote) on a regular basis, and contact teachers with any questions or concerns via phone or e-mail. 

    As your primary liaison between home and school, we welcome any inquiries and recommend contacting us for a meeting with your child's teachers!

     RDMS 101 - Presentation to Students

    This year, Ms. Ross and Mrs. Binder brought the RDMS 101 program to over 200 students! This exciting program is designed to help students take the guess work out of their first few days at RDMS.  Students learned about navigating their schedule, locker, clubs, activities, sports, School Wires, Genesis and more!  Following the presentation, students toured of the building, and practiced opening lockers. If you have questions about this program or would like to review what was discussed, please contact your child's Guidance Counselor.

    Take a look at the additional resources below which may be helpful to you! 
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    Overcoming Test Anxiety 

    Overcoming Test Anxiety.doc

    Learning Styles

    Every fall, the counselors teach 7th graders about learning styles, through a program called Naviance. The students receive thier very own Naviance account, and they complete a Learning Styles Inventory to discover invaluable information about themselves. Feel free to contact the 7th grade counselor for further details about Naviance or this Learning Styles Inventory. Here is a quick tip sheet on the various learning styles and some strategies students can implement in school and at home! 

    Learning Styles and Strategies.docx