This health packet is for school year 2020-2021- for students who will be in 8th grade.
    Please note:  A physical examination must be submitted to participate in a
    Interscholastic Sport & Intramurals in 8th grade, otherwise the student does not need a physical. 
    However if the student is new to the district; then the 8th grader needs a physical and must be submitted upon registration
    Health packets including asthma, allergy, medication forms are to be returned on the first day of school. 
    If your child is participating in an interscholastic sport; send the exam to RDHS Athletic Department.  After the Athletic Department clears the physical, it will be returned to the nurse's office. 
    If the student will be participating in intramurals, return the physical to the nurse's office on the first day of school.