The health packet below is for students entering RDMS from 6th grade - school year 2020-2021
    Health packets including asthma, allergy, and medications forms are to be returned NO LATER THAN THE first day of school. 
    Physicals are mandatory for all incoming 7th grade students. A physical exam will be accepted 365 days prior to 9/1/2020. Please use the form supplied in the health packet for the required 7th grade physical.  The form in the health packet must be used if your child will be participating  in a interscholastic sport. 
    If the student will be participating in an interscholastic sport; send the physical to RDHS Athletic Department.  After the Athletic Department clears the physical, they will be returned to the nurses's office.
    If the student will be participating in intramural; submit the physical on the first day of school to the nurse.