• English 7
    Ms. Jeffers & Ms. Oser
    room 226 pd. 1 & A-days pd. 2
    Ms. Kang & Ms. Oser
    room 223 pd. 3 & C-days pd. 2

    Below are common accommodations/modifications as per IEPs but are not limited to the list below.



    -Study Guides/Study Aids

    -Preferred Seating

    -Read direction aloud

    -Restate, repeat, and/or clarify directions/questions

    -Breakdown task into manageable units

    -Set short terms goals

    -Assist with organization/materials

    -Assist with long-term assignments/planning

    -Additional time for writing assignments, tests, and quizzes as needed

    -Frequent conferencing

    -Graphic organizers for writing tasks

    -Access to class notes  

    -Encourage/Assist with use of agenda

    - Access to audio texts when available & needed