• Class Expectations & Grading Policy



    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Pen/Pencil and a highlighter
    • Agenda
    • Laptop
    • a section in your binder or notebook with loose leaf paper



    Students will be graded using a total points system ranging from 5 to 100 points.  The following categories of work will be assessed:

    • Homework
    • Classwork & Achieve3000
    • Tests &Projects
    • Quizzes & Essays                                              


             Grading for Achieve3000 will be as follows:

             90-100% for the activity score = Check++ 

             75-88%for the activity score = Check + 

             60% for the activity score = Check  

             50% or below for the activity score = Check - 

             Did not complete the assignment = Check - - 


             Hawk Cash can be earned throughout each marking period by completing assignments consistently on time, working cooperatively with other students, following class rules, using vocabulary words correctly in writing and everyday speech, catching grammatical errors, etc.  You can use the Hawk Cash for extra credit points on tests and quizzes, and/or a 20 minute educational game.  Hawk Cash does not expire and can be used and saved throughout the year.  



     Arrival &  Participation:

             Students are expected to arrive to class on time everyday with all class materials and an independent reading book (IRB), which they are expected to read for approximately 20-30 minutes every day including weekends.  Participation is class lessons and activities is required for this course.  Therefore, students will be expected to work cooperatively with others, work independently, and communicate with his/her peers and teachers in a productive manner.  



             When a student is absent, he/she should check the Week At A Glance  and the OneNote Notebook to see what he/she has missed.  When you arrive back to school, it is then the student's job to consult the teacher about directions and new due dates for the assignments.   


    Classwork and Homework:

                All work is due at the start of class unless otherwise stated.  Work left in the locker will count as late.  Only projects, most writing assignments, and Achieve3000 assignments will be accepted late up to five days after due date if it is not reviewed in class the next day; however, points will also be deducted.  However, each time a student has missed an assignment, he/she will be asked to complete a Pink slip stating the date, assignment, and reason for not completing it.  When a student has missed 3 consecutive assignments, whether assigned on one night or over the course of several nights, he/she will be assigned a detention that will be served after school.     


    Laptops and Electronics:

            Students must adhere to all electronic usage rules.  CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT.  THEY MUST BE TURNED OFF AND KEPT IN YOUR LOCKERS.  If I see it, I take it until the end of the day.  If it becomes a repetitive offense, then phones will be given to the vice principal.  Same rules apply for headphones and airpods.  It must be removed before entering the classroom.  Additionally, any damage or vandalism done to a computer/laptop is not acceptable and will be reported to the administrators immediately.