• cylon
    This course is a study of select topics of Physics accessible to the typical freshman in the areas of one-dimensional kinematics and dynamics, energy, electricity, and light. This course differs from the standard level course in both content and Mathematical rigor. Laboratory exercises and experiences accompany all areas of study. 
    Why Robotics?
    We can’t predict what the hot new technology will be in five years, but we can confidently predict that it will include computer programming, electronic embedded systems, engineering design, and mathematics. If you believe these things, then you need to know that robotics has the ability to teach these concepts. At the same time, robotics teaches 21st century skill sets like time management, resource allocation, teamwork, problem solving, and communications.
    In this elective course students will learn, through the use of robotics, about high level programming languages (Robot C in particular), the Engineering process, and the importance of communicating their ideas and results to others.