• Class Expectations and Grading Policies
    Students will be given bi-weekly assessments.  These assessments will be based in equal parts on their Engineering Journal, Workplace competencies, and Workplace Habits.
    Several "Programming Challenges" and "Engineering Challenges" will be assigned through out the year and students will be graded on programming technique and successful completion of the Challenge. 
    As students progress later in the year they will be given Engineering Design challenges.  These are longer projects that will consist of several aspects including research, designing, and delivering a working solution.
    The students final marking period grade will be based 50% bi-weekly assessment and 50% challenges (design challenges will typically have greater weight than the Engineering and Programming Challenges).
    Late Work
    I expect all work to be submitted on time; however, the following policy will apply to all work turned in after the due date:  If the work is reviewed during class or returned graded, late work will not be accepted. If work is not reviewed, assignments such as papers, labs, projects that are turned in late will receive a 10 point per day deduction up to a maximum of 4 days
    If a student has an excused absence, he/she is expected to turn-in any work that was due on the next class day.  If the student receives a cut then he/she will receive a ZERO for and work that was due as well as any tests, quizzes, and assignments administered that day.  In any case the student is responsible for any material covered during his/her absence.  
    Class Materials:

     You will be required to have the following items each day:

    1. a pencil and eraser

    2. paper

    3. your charged laptop



    Class Rules

    1. Be in seat when the bell rings.


    1. Come to class prepared, i.e. pencil, notebook, CHARGED laptop


    1. Leave your seat only when necessary. I decide what is necessary
      1. If you do leave your seat, DO NOT DISTURB the other students.


    1. Raise your hand if you wish to speak.


    1. Follow direction the FIRST time.


    1. Keep your hands to yourself.
      1. No horseplay.
      2. No throwing things.


    1. Do NOT argue with the teacher. Any questions not relating to physics can wait until after class.




    Consequences for not following rules begin with a warning and escalate to a detention and an email home to your parents, and finally referral to the Assistant Principal.


    Classroom Procedures

    Fire Drill/Evacuation Drill

    1. Exit the school at the appropriate exit.
    2. Stay together as a group around me so I can take attendance outside.
    3. Listen for any additional instructions while waiting outside.
    4. Never leave the group or go home. You will get reported for a cut.
    5. Return to class after the drill is completed or again, you will get reported for a cut.


    Lock Down Drill

    1. Close the lid on your laptops all the way down.
    2. Sit on the floor on the front left side of the classroom, away from the door.
    3. Be quiet. No talking at all.
    4. No matter what you hear on the intercom, do not assume the drill is over until I tell you it is over.



    1. Do not argue with me about group assignments.
    2. When I assign groups quickly join your group and get to work.
    3. Follow directions given for the assignment.
    4. All members are expected to contribute. Any member who does not contribute will have additional points deducted from his/her grade.
    5. When I call for clean-up, return any equipment and put the desks back to their original position.


    Leaving Class

    1. Ask permission before leaving the room. (restroom visit, nurse, etc.)
    2. If I give you permission sign the sign-out book, sign the yellow hall pass, and take the yellow hall pass with you.
    3. When you return, write down the time you returned in the sign-out book and quietly return to your seat.
    4. When possible (which is pretty much always) do not interrupt me to ask to go to the restroom. Wait until there is a pause in the lesson before asking me to go.

    Copying, Cheating, Plagiarism
    Students found copying, cheating, plagiarizing or working with other students without permission will be reported to the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. In this class, giving your work to another student to look at is considered cheating.  In this class, working in groups without permission is cheating. Helping a friend with their work means that you explain the concepts to them and “teach” them how to arrive at answers much the same way I would if someone asked me for help.  I would not simply give someone the answers as a form of help. When in doubt, see me for help.  In all cases of cheating, parents will be notified immediately.