• THE GRADING POLICY of this class uses a point system, so you can always know exactly what is expected of you and how you are progressing. The point value is based upon difficulty and length of an exam or assignment. To find your average, take the number of points you earned and divide by the number of possible points.  


    Quizzes are frequent. Generally, we will have a quiz once a week. Tests will be announced several days in advance. They will assess your listening and reading comprehension, your writing, grammar, and vocabulary covered in each unit.


    Homework will be checked on the supersite and One Note. It is assigned every night and will be posted on school wires. Homework includes writing, studying, and memorizing new material. When reviewing homework in class, highlight any mistakes and then write a new and correct answer. 

     Virtual Class Expectations:

    • Student behavioral expectations, when participating through a virtual format, are to be consistent with traditional classroom guidelines.  Being respectful of everyone usually covers most issues.
    • Hallway passage between classes must honor social distancing guidelines.
    • When you are utilizing Microsoft TEAMS, you need to have the camera ON.  If legitimate technical difficulties exist, you should contact the tech department.  
    • You will be called upon randomly and failure to acknowledge a question can qualify as a cut.
    • You should alter your background on TEAMS (you will be asked to remove any inappropriate screen).
    • Behavioral standards, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, are in effect and will be enforced through coordination with administration.  For example, lateness, inconsistent attendance, general mischief, plagiarism, and disrespect will have consequences.
    • Your grade will reflect demonstrated levels of cooperation, productivity, and mastery.
    • Create a dedicated space for class time.  You should not be in bed or involved with anything else around you (put away your cell phone so that you are not tempted to check it during class, close other computer applications and turn off notifications).  If possible, find a desk or table where you can sit for class that is well lit but without a bright background.  Your space should be relatively quiet so that you can both hear others and be heard when you are contributing to class discussion.  If it helps, wear headphones. 
    • No eating during class
    • Wear your day clothes for class.  
    • Take your bathroom break between classes.


    1. WRITING INSTRUMENT & PAPER                                           

    2. COMPUTER                                                              

    3. THREE-RING BINDER/FOLDER                                      

    4. HOMEWORK                       

    You do not need to carry a textbook as I have it uploaded online.                                

    NOTE: You may NOT go to your locker for forgotten items.


    No learning can take place unless all in the class treat one another with courtesy, patience, and respect. Ridiculing classmates’ answers is inconsiderate, not tolerated and will negatively impact your grade. Respect yourself, others and their property. Defacing school property will be brought to the attention of the Administration.

    Here are some general guidelines, which must govern our conduct:

    1. Be online with your camera on  ready to work when the class starts. You will not be marked present if your camera isn't on.

    2. Do not speak without being called upon, or get up from your seat without     

    permission. You may not leave the room in the first or last 10 minutes of class.

    3. Listen to your teacher and fellow classmates when they are speaking.

    4. Do not do homework in class (Spanish or another subject) unless given permission to do so.

    5. Do not leave until dismissed by the teacher (not by the bell).

    6. Do not use cell phones or any other electronic devices. If your cell phone goes  

    off you will serve DETENTION with me.

    7. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum. Please dispose of these items before entering the classroom.

    8. Cheating can absolutely not be tolerated and will result in an automatic “0” and a call home.

    9. Refusing to do work is an automatic “0” and will result in a call home.

    10. Sleeping in class is not allowed.

    11. No late assignments will be accepted. 

     For a first offense, a verbal warning will be given for all of the above (except cheating and refusing to do work). If things do not improve after that, parents will be called and detention will automatically follow. If necessary, the Vice Principal will be brought into the matter.


    When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get all missed assignments and notes. Please contact your teacher or a fellow classmate.

    Work will be made up only for excused absences. The number of days that you are absent from my class are the number of days you will have to make up the work. Tests and quizzes are always announced in advance. If you miss class the day before the test or quiz, you are responsible for taking the test or quiz. The modified block schedule does not excuse you from missing homework. 

     Example: Period 1 (does not meet on a C DAY)


    A DAY - you are present

    B DAY - you are absent

    C DAY - you are present (class does not meet, but you must get yesterday’s assignment

    D DAY – submit homework given on A DAY and have homework that was assigned on B DAY

    TARDYS – Tardiness will not be tolerated.  On the first offense, you will receive a detention with me. On the second offense, you will receive a detention and your parents will be contacted. By the third offense, you will receive a detention and be referred to the administration.

    MISSED QUIZZES / TESTS must be made up during the NEXT CLASS MEETING or at LUNCH. Failure to do so will result in a zero. If there is an EXTENDED ABSENCE, then upon your return you MUST SCHEDULE with me a mutually convenient extra help session and make-up date for missed work.



    Please come for HELP at the first sign of DIFFICULTY. I will be in room 403 on A & B days after school and C & D days at lunch. B days I have lunch duty in the oval. On C days, tutoring will be offered through the Spanish National Honor Society. If these times do not work, please set up an appointment with me. 



    A substitute teacher is to be treated just as you would treat your regular teacher. Any infraction of this requirement will be dealt with appropriately.