• Grading/Classroom Policy

    --80% of your grade is based upon assessments (Quizzes, Chapter Tests, & projects)
    --20% of your grade is based upon participation and homework completion. This grade is meant to help you, not to hurt you. If you come to class prepared, complete your homework, participate, follow all class rules, and work to the best of your abilities, you will receive an A.

    Class Expectations:

    1.) Respect yourself and others at all times.

    2.) Bring all materials to class everyday (computer, writing instrument, three ring binder, and paper).

    3.) Be in your assigned seat, ready to learn when the bell rings. You will have detention after school if you do not comply.

    4.) Raise your hand and allow others to finish speaking before you speak.

    5.) No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in class.

    6.) When leaving the room, sign both out and in. The pass cannot be used in the first or last 10 minutes of class.

    7.) Cheating is an automatic 0, and I will contact home. Copying and pasting from a translator is cheating as well.

    8.) Homework is not done in class unless instructed to do so.

    9.) No hats/cell phones or use of any other personal electronic devices in class.

    10.) If I cannot see your computer screen on DyKnow or you are using your computer inappropriately, I will e-mail home and you will not be permitted to use your computer the rest of the class. After 3 strikes, you will not be able to use your computer in class.

    11.) Do your best and participate!


    • All work must be made up and you are responsible for all missed material.
    • After a week, I will not allow you to make up tests and quizzes.
    • Get assignments and notes from a responsible classmate or me.
    • Tests and quizzes must be made up immediately upon your return.
    • All work that is not made up is a zero.

     If you miss the class before the test or quiz, you are responsible for taking the test or quiz. The modified block schedule does not excuse you from missing homework.

     Example: Period 1 (does not meet on a C DAY)

    A DAY - you are present

    B DAY - you are absent

    C DAY - you are present (class does not meet, but you must get yesterday’s assignment

    D DAY – submit homework given on A DAY and have homework that was assigned on B DAY

     Additional Rules

    ** If you make flashcards on the day of a vocabulary quiz, you will receive 2 extra credit points. You may not get 2 points again on the day of a test. 

    ** Homework and projects are either late or on time. Nothing will be accepted late.

    **If you are not ready to present or are absent, you must see me outside of class to do so. I am not be interrupting the next class period.

    ** If you are absent, it is your responsibility to show me your missed work. I will not stop class to ask for your missed work. If you do not show it to me when you return, it is late. 

     TARDYS – Tardiness will not be tolerated.  On the first offense, you will receive a detention with me. On the second offense, you will receive a detention and your parents will be contacted. By the third offense, you will receive a detention and be referred to the administration.

     MISSED QUIZZES / TESTS must be made up during the NEXT CLASS MEETING or at LUNCH. Failure to do so will result in a zero. If there is an EXTENDED ABSENCE, then upon your return you MUST SCHEDULE with me a mutually convenient extra help session and make-up date for missed work.


    Please come for HELP at the first sign of DIFFICULTY. I will be in room 403 on A & B days after school and C & D days at lunch. B days I have lunch duty in the oval. On C days, tutoring will be offered through the Spanish National Honor Society. If these times do not work, please set up an appointment with me. 


    A substitute teacher is to be treated just as you would treat your regular teacher. Any infraction of this requirement will be dealt with appropriately.