• Mrs.Kleva’s
    Classroom Rules and Course Information



    Classroom Rules/Etiquette:

    1. Be prepared
    2. Be respectful
    3. Be on time
    4. NO gum, food, drinks, hat, phone, or ipod

    *All school rules apply. Failure to abide by classroom rules will result in a detention. Repeated misconduct will be reported to the administration.   



    1. 3 ring 1.5in or 2in binder
    2. reinforced loose-leaf paper
    3. Dividers for organization
    4. pencils
    5. colored pencils-optional
    6. highlighters
    7. red pens
    8. scientific calculator
    9. School Issued LapTop
    10. Earbuds
    11. Dry Erase Markers
    12. Dry Erase Eraser

    *I may check your Math binder/One Note Notebook  periodically to ensure that it is organized and up-to-date.  



    Big Ideas Math https://www.bigideasmath.com/

    Textbooks will be issued upon request and should be kept at home as a resource, if taken. The text can be accessed digitally and will be referenced regularly.

    Grading is based on a point system.  To calculate the marking period average at any time, divide your Total Earned Points by the Total Possible Points.  See the Genesis Portal regularly for an update on your student progress.  The marking period grade is determined by completion ofHomework AssignmentsTests/Quizzes.
    Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning. Taking notes, asking questions, participating in class, and doing the required assignments/homework are necessary to achieve the best results. Being prepared with all necessary materials is part of class participation.  Points will be lost for missing assignments/materials.
    The One to One Laptop Initiative at the Middle School is new and exciting; however, please be mindful of the following:
    1.  Laptop should be charged every night and come to school ready to be used.
    2.  Laptop should be brought to class everyday.  All note-taking and access to materials     will be exclusively managed through One Note.
    3.  DyKnow will be used to monitor students on-task focus
    4.  The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will be enforced at all times.  
    5.  Off-task students, those caught surfing unauthorized sites, will be disciplined             according to the MS Handbook.
    When working in groups EACH student is responsible to be a cooperative/contributing group member.  Every student must write down all the group work.  Characteristics of a good group member include:  sharing ideas, communicating, listening, dividing responsibilities, and supporting each other.  Class participation is a key component of this program. 
    When you are absent,  use School Wires/Email/One Note to access assignments.  You are responsible for ALL class-work and homework that you miss. 
    Homework will be assigned daily and be checked for completeness .  Each assignment must be labeled in your notebook date, page number, and problem numbers.  It is expected that student’s correct their homework for accuracy. 
    IXL, a web-based program, is utilized to practice necessary and prerequisite skills paramount to this course will be assigned on a weekly basis.  

    Extra Help is available for Advanced Math 8 Monday and Thursday and Math 8 Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1:30pm - 2:00pm via Teams