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    Celebrate Women's History Month 2021

    with a good read from your Library 

    womens history month book display




    Breakout Excitement Linked to Learning



    8th Graders deployed their knowledge of the water cycle and its effects on weather and climate to break codes, open locks, and escape to victory in an exciting escape room activity in their Science classes. Working against the clock, students relied on teamwork to puzzle through clues presented as rhyming stories paired with visuals to break lock codes made up of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and directional arrows.

    The platform is called BreakoutEDU. This exciting activity linking collaborative game play to classroom content learning was made possible through a River Dell PTO grant. The BreakoutEDU program at RDMS also includes physical lock boxes that will be used when students and their teachers return to fully in-person learning. 

    Let the games begin!


    They say you should never judge a book by its cover.

    But you go right ahead and    



    Starring Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things

    Borrow it from Your Library                                   Watch it on Netflix

    Click here for a book review                                      Click here for the movie trailer

    Enola Holmes book to movie  

    Recommended Reads for Anytime

    Click here for >>> Recommended Reads for Grade 7 & 8 

    Reading is one of the most important things we do as learners, and it is important that we read over the summer - and all the time! So, until the Library is back in full swing for 2020-2021, use our Summer Reading List to find some good reads. 

    Happy reading, RDMS!



    You Be the Judge

    fake news  

    Click on the image for resources on spotting fake news and choosing good research sources 

    How to Read More

    It's hard to believe that Harry Potter first landed on American shores 20 years ago. In those years, countless young readers have been enchanted by Harry, his wizarding friends, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and all manner of magical and delightful surprises.
    These gorgeous new cover illustrations by children's book illustrator Brian Selznick create one long story-telling image of the boy wizard's journey. Come on down to the RDMS Library and check 'em out! And watch for news of Harry Party, our official celebration of the boy who brought magic to our lives.
     harry's story



     It's true! There is something for everyone - sports, cooking, style and fashion, science, Spanish language, writing and general coolness!

    Click the FLIPSTER logo to read our collection of 26 digital magazines online or download entire magazines to your smartphone or tablet using the free FLIPSTER app.


     To access our digital magazines from home, click here



    paper circuits

    paper circuits paper circuits paper circuits

    paper circuits paper circuits

    Our LED Jack-O-Lantern was made by the artists and tech experts in Library Club in our new makerspace. Watch for news of an after-school makerspace event where you can learn how to make electric circuits to light up your holiday cards and decorations!

    You are a maker. What will you make?

     Author Tanya Lee Stone Visits RDMS 
    Students welcomed author Tanya Lee Stone on March 1st. Ms. Stone, the author of exactly 100 books for children and teens, visited with RDMS students while on tour for her newest book, GIRL RISING, the important story of the 62 million school-age girls in developing countries trying to get an education. Preferring to call what she writes true stories rather than non-fiction, Ms. Stone explained her research process and encouraged RDMS students to get passionate about the world around them and become detectives so that they, too, can become true story tellers.
    Here is the author with members of the Library Club after her talk: 
    Library Club w Tanya Lee Stone  
     Girl Rising       Courage Has No Color      Almost Astronauts
    Watch the trailer for the 2013 documentary film that inspired the book:
    And check out the Library Club's beautiful bulletin board about Stone's work: 
     Tanya Stone

    Banned Books Week 2016  
    RDMS, it's Banned Books Week
    September 26 through October 1
    What are banned books and why would we celebrate such a thing? Good questions!
    What we are celebrating are books, reading, libraries, and the freedom to choose what to read without censorship. We call it the freedom to read, and it goes along with the cherished democratic American freedom of self-expression. And that includes what we read. 

    There are those who disagree and would demand that some books be removed from public library and school library shelves. Interestingly, most challenged books - those that someone wants banned from the library - are children's and teen books.

    Each year, books that have been challenged in public and school libraries across America are celebrated as a way to highlight the importance of intellectual freedom and the right to choose what you read. It reminds us not to take this  precious democratic freedom for granted. 
    Here are the most challenged kids and teen books of 2015 

    under construction
    We are so ready for a fantastic year in the Library Media Center
    And this year is especially exciting because the all-new, shiny, bright renovation of our wonderful Library will be complete in October. In the meantime, say hi to Librarian Ms. Risi in the hallway or in her temporary quarters in Room 221 upstairs. And use the links here to get at the good stuff. Regular hours of operation and FAQs are here.
    The Library is the place to get stuff done, find a good book, join the Library Club and its Anime/Manga, Coding, Making, Games, and Minecraft groups, or just hang out. It's the best hangout in the school, and who doesn't need one of those?
    We can't wait to get the 2016-2017 party started!

     RDMS Library Club hosts
    Visiting Author Ruta Sepetys!
    Best-selling Young Adult author Ruta Sepetys had River Dell Middle School students on the edge of their seats during her visit on February 5, just days after the publication of her third novel, Salt to the Sea
    Like her 2012 New York Times best-selling YA book Between Shades of Gray, Ms. Sepetys's new book is gripping historical fiction recounting a little-known episode from the Soviet occupation of small nations in Eastern Europe during World War II. Salt to the Sea tells the story of young people fleeing the Soviets only to board the doomed vessel Wilhelm Gustloff. 
    Ms. Sepety's stories come from close to home - both her father and his cousin spent many years in refugee camps during the Soviet occupation of their native Lithuania.
    Here Ms. Sepetys poses for a picture with some member of the RDMS Library Club after her fascinating talk. 
    Author Ruta Sepetys

    RDMS Library Club Hosts HOUR OF CODE!
    Library Club's 2nd Annual Hour of Code on December 15th was a smashing success with attendance up 100 percent from year one and a group of teachers joining in on this important tech event.
    The RDMS event was one of nearly 200,000 in 180 countries around the world. Approximately 75 RDMS students joined together to participate in the National Computer Science Education Week event. The activities were introduced by Library Club member 8th Grader Rebecca Z and our very own 7th Grader Mitchell B led the coding by having his work projected on the screen.
    Hour of Code is an international event intended to introduce youngsters to computer coding in fun and engaging activities. Here are some of our RDMS coders at work!
    wizards code code code code code code code code
     Teachers code, too! 
     teachers code too teachers code

    You've heard of Facebook, but have you heard of Bookface?
    Will you #bookface this year?
    We were inspired by this New York Times article to try our own RDMS Library #bookface.
    Can you identify the RDMS bookfacers? Can you tell which ones are your teachers?
     Mrs. Doolittle  
     Mr. Dougherty "Doc"  Ms. DuBois
     Ms. DuBois  Ms. Oser
     Sebastian P.  Luke D.
     Rachel R  Ms. Correa
     Just One Wish  Mila 2.0
     Barbie bookface Rules of Survival      
     Annabelle B  
     Ahtletic Shorts  
     Oh Yuck Reaching Out  
     Chill  Born Confused
     Sovay Clone Codes  


    Celebrate YA Books
    by Going to the Movies!
    book to movie                                                 
    Wow! There is a Young Adult book craze going on in Hollywood. Just look at all the movies already out or coming soon that started as teen books. You read it. Now you can watch it.
    What an exciting year for YA books-to-movies. Here's hoping the movies are as good as their books! 

    Click on the images below to read book reviews and view movie trailers
     sold          sold movie  
     FIOS     June 6, 2014
        fios movie    
    giver     August 15, 2014      The Giver  
    if i stay     August 22, 2014      if i stay movie    
    maze runner      September 19, 2014     maze runner movie    
    Mockinjay      November 21, 2014     mockingjay movie    
    Paper Towns hardcover      June 5, 2015     paper towns paperback  
     Fallen     2015      Fallen movie poster    
     5th Wave      January 29, 2016     5th Wave movie    
     Fantastic Beasts     November 18,  2016       Fantastic Beasts movie  
           ALREADY RELEASED        
    divergent             divergent movie  
    enders game      November 1, 2013     enders game movie  
    book thief     November 8, 2013
        book thief movie  
    catching fire      November 22, 2013     catching fire movie  
    Vampire Academy      February 14, 2014     poster