• Resources in Mathematics 
    The River Dell Math Department utilizes different resources for students.  These resources are valuable in the classroom and at home.  
    • Textbooks:  Most of our math textbooks are available online.  Please visit teachers' websites for the textbook site and login information.
    • IXL Online Practice:  IXL is an online math practice program.  Subscriptions to this program have been provided to each 7th grader, 8th grader, Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra 2 student.  Each of these students has a unique username & password.  Please see the tab titled IXL - Online Math Practice for more information regarding this program.
    • Math Websites:  Beyond the online textbooks and practice sites available to our students, there are many websites that contain lessons and tutorials for mathematics.  Under the tab titled Math Websites, there is a short list of the sites which we have found to be helpful to students.
    • Graphing & Calculation Tools:  Graphing calculators and/or calculation tools continue to be a valuable tool utilized in mathematics.  Under the Graphing & Calculation Tools tab, you will find links to an online knowledge engine, a free App for graphing, a website which contains a graphing tool, and a help site for using your graphing calculator.


    • PowerPoint Lessons:  Content focused PowerPoint lesson are available for student viewing if students are logged into School Wires.  The PowerPoint lessons are listed by topic for each school, under the PowerPoint Lessons tab.  But, remember, you must login to School Wires in order to view these lessons.  Students can utilize these lessons to review past content or reinforce current content.