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    2020-21 week at a glance


    Extra Help: 

    Available every day after school (except Wednesdays) by appointment.
    Please DO NOT wait until the day before an assessment to get help for a section/unit.  Once you are confused on a topic, see me immediately so we can clarify any misconceptions before moving onto new material.  Believe me, it will save you a great deal of stress. 

    Grading and Expectations:  

    CP BIOLOGY and HONORS Biology

    Grading is based on a point value system. 


    Categories are: 

    Reading comprehension, labs/quizzes, and other assessments. 

    The higher the point value of an assignment, the more it will impact your grade. Assignments that are more involved will have higher point values than the ones that are preparatory or basic.

    Reading comprehension assignments are worth less points than labs/quizzes and other assessments.


    If you are absent, you will be responsible for any work due and covered in class.  Please check wires and week at a glance.

    All due dates must be respected and assignments due must be completed at the beginning of the period on the day it is due.
    Long term illness/other situations will be handled individually.
    If you know you will be absent on a day, please see me ahead of time to give you the work missed.  You do not want to fall behind.  I keep wires updated and expect you to keep up with the classwork if you are not in class.



    • Students are expected to sign in for attendance virtually at the start of every class through TEAMS.  Link is located under the "DAILY CLASS LINK" tab in TEAMS.
    • Late entries will be marked tardy.



    • CAMERAS MUST BE ON and microphone muted when entering the class.


    • CAMERAS MUST STAY ON for the entire class period.  Cameras that are turned off will be considered students leaving the class.


    • DURING  class, your microphone should all be muted. 

    If you would like to ask a question, please use the "raise hand" feature and you will be unmuted to ask the question.


    You must show up to class ready to learn and in appropriate attire as you would if you were in school. 

    • Prepared with questions if
    • Sitting upright
    • Dressed appropriately
    • Ready to learn


    • You must do your OWN work.  Plagiarized work or shared work will receive a 0 and will be treated according to River Dell Policy.
    • You must not use outside resources unless specified in the assignment.