• Welcome writing in Black and Yellow
     1 Try to be on time and at school everyday.
        If you are absent from class look up any missing assignments or handouts on Schoolwires/Onenote. It is your      
        responsibility to make up any missing work.
        If you are late  quietly enter the room and take your seat. Arriving to class late more two days in a row will result in a
        consequence (TBD). 
    2. Keep Your hands and your feet to yourself. 
    3. Pay attention when the instructor is speaking, announcements, or a classmate is speaking
    4. While having classroom discussion and working in pairs/groups use your "inside voice." 
    5. Respect your classmates and your teachers. 
    Remember! Every action has a consequence. (Consequences are outlines in Class Contract on ONENOTE)
     Graphic with Letter grades in multiple colors
    Students will be graded using a total points system ranging from 5 to 100 points. The following categories of work will be assessed:
    • Homework/Classwork 
    • Tests
    • Quizzes, Writing, & Projects
    • Teenbiz/Study Island
    Late Work***
    Will receive 50 % credit the next day. After two days the work will no be accepted and will receive a zero.