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            1.  Homework: 

               a.  Homework is expected every night.  Homework will be checked for completion.    When we go over the homework answers in class, it is your responsibility to make sure you write down the correct answers. 

               b.  When you are absent, you MUST make sure to get notes from a classmate.  You are responsible for ALL class-work and homework that you miss.  You can get the homework assignments from my SchoolWires website.

               c.  Your math binder is expected to be organized and up-to-date. 


            2.   Grading Policy:  Grading in math is based on a point system.  To calculate your marking period average at any time, divide your Total Earned Points by the Total Possible Points.

            3.  Extra Credit:  Extra credit is not offered in 7th Grade Math.  It is your responsibility to work to the best of your ability throughout each marking period.

            4.  Materials:  You must come to class prepared.  If you forget to bring any materials that are needed for class, you must sign the “Unprepared for Class” list.  At the end of the marking period, your “Class Preparation” grade will be lowered by the number of times your name appears on the list.

           5. Behavior:  School rules are in effect at all times.  My Discipline Policy outlines the appropriate consequences for failing to abide by these rules.

           6. Text Book: The Big Ideas Math textbook can be accessed online.  The students have a username & password for this book.

           7. IXL Assignments are given periodically throughout the year to aid in the understanding of the course.   The task is to be done online, at home.    Please click on IXL Letter  for more information.

    Grading Policy
    Grades are calculated using a "total point" system. Homework is checked for completeness using a 3 point scale. All work must be shown to be considered complete.   Assessments will be given periodically and will be worth 10 - 150 points each. At the end of each unit, there will be a unit test. 
    A "Preparation Grade" of 5-10 points will be given at the end of each marking period.  Students will have to sign an "unprepared" list when they come to class without the required materials.  Each time a student's name appears on that list, he/she will lose 1 point from his/her Preparation Grade. 
    Please see #7 above for IXL grading information.

    To calculate your average, you find the sum of earned points and the sum of possible points.You would then divide your total earned points by total possible points.


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    Mrs. Firneno’s Discipline Policy


    My goal is to foster a learning environment for all of my students.  If a student chooses to disrupt that environment by misbehaving or failing to abide by any of the school’s rules, then he/she is agreeing to accept the following consequences:


    1st: Verbal Warning 

    2nd: Verbal Warning

     3rd: Parents Contacted & Detention 

    4th: Action will be determined by the Principal or Assistant Principal