• Los Requisitos para la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

    To become a member, you must:

    1.) Meet the grade requirements outlined below.

    2.) Read over the responsibility sheet and make sure you have enough time to devote to our society.

    3.) Complete the following application in Spanish. You may not use a translator.

    4.) Email Sra. Annecchino screen shots of your qualifying grades from Genesis along with the application in Spanish from JANUARY, 15 2020 to APRIL 15, 2020. Late applications will NOT be considered.

     Grade Requirement:

    To be eligible, a student must maintain a minimum of a 94% weighted average (94% in CP, 91% in honors) for three CONSECUTIVE semesters (a semester is 2 marking periods; 3 semesters = 6 marking periods) in level two and above. Grades from level 1 do not count. Students must be in good standing and have no discipline records on file. Seniors are not eligible for membership.

    The formula is: 

    first quarter grade + second quarter grade/2 = A   

    third quarter grade + fourth quarter grade⁄ 2 = B  

    first quarter grade + second quarter grade /2 = C 

    A + B + C ⁄ 3 ≥ 94% weighted average

    You will be notified of acceptance by email. If you have any questions, please contact Sra. Annecchino.