Please use the following link to access IXL program:
    Username : First initial followed by last name.
    Password: Student specific. Please see me if you need it.
    Welcome to IXL
    IXL is a comprehensive, standards-aligned math practice program offering unlimited problems in thousands of skills.  Student can practice skills from Kindergarten through High School Algebra 2.
    River Dell’s objective is to provide students with additional practice with immediate feedback.  The goal is to strengthen students’ skills, as well as build their confidence.
    Students and parents should understand that the SMART SCORE is not equivalent to our internal grading system.  The Smart Score is based on IXL’s proprietary algorithm and is the program’s best possible measure of how well a student understands a skill.  It provides basic feedback to students about their understanding of a topic along a continuum.  Each student should check his/her math teacher’s website about expectations regarding scores and time on task.
    We are aware of a glitch within the IXL program.  On occasion, our students have reported that a question is marked wrong, when it is indeed correct.  We have contacted IXL; and are trying to correct any further issues.  However, if a student believes that they have been marked incorrectly, he/she should contact his/her teacher, providing the topic in which the error occurred.
    Again, the goal of this program is to provide additional practice in mathematics to allow students to achieve more success and feel confident in mathematics.
    Jennifer Ali
    Supervisor of Mathematics
    IXL – Practice and Excel!