• Here is how to complete your corrections when handing in your Golden Ticket:
    (Reminder, you are NOT retaking the test/quiz. You are correcting the answers you got wrong!)
    • Corrections are due the next class day (at the beginning of class) after handing in the ticket.
    • Corrections MUST be done on a separate sheet of paper.
    • The ENTIRE question MUST be written, NOT typed (pictures, tables and graphs do not have to be drawn, unless the answers are part of the diagram).
    • The Correct answer MUST be written, NOT typed, after the question (if multiple choice, you must write the letter AND the answer).
    • Corrections are then stapled to the BACK of the quiz or the scantron copy. Tests must be given back as well. If test was given on Quia, you only have to hand in the corrections.
    • ALL new answers must be correct.
    Failure to do any of the above will result in NO change of grade!
    Helpful Hint: To see your test in Quia, along with the correct answers, log into your Quia account, go into my class and click the "View results" icon q  next to the test you want to view.