• Laptop Do's and Don'ts

     Laptop Do's:

    • Always come to school with a fully charged battery.
    • Carry the laptop only in the special case provided by the school district.
    • Lock the laptop when not in use. 
    • Use the computer for educational purposes only.
    • Be familiar with River Dell's computing policies.
    • Use the Y-drive and OneDrive as your main saving source.

     Laptop Don'ts: 

    • Don't leave the Laptop unattended.
    • Don't pick up your laptop by the screen.
    • Don't bring your laptop to gym.
    • Don't lend the Laptop to ANYONE.
    • Don't carry the Laptop without using the special case. 
    • Don't put the special case inside another bag such as a backpack or tote.
    • Don't put anything other than the laptop inside of the special case
    • Don't bend the display. 
    • Don't toss/throw the laptop, even in the padded case.
    • Don't place heavy objects on the Laptop.
    • Don't eat or drink on or around the laptop.
    • Don't bring your charger to school.
    • Don't place any foreign objects into the ports.

    Please note: 

    Any laptop not carried separately in the special case is a violation of the acceptable use policy. As a result, damage to the laptop will be deemed intentional if it is not cared for properly.  All repairs for damages will be billed directly to the student as accidental damage insurance does not cover intentional damage.